Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek Collectors Edition

| 15.01.2020

From Mad Head Games, creators of the acclaimed Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death and Nevertales: The Beauty Within, comes another thrilling tale in their Rite of Passage series. Twenty years ago, a group of children in the town of Greystone were taken by a mysterious fog while playing hide and seek, including your brother. Only you escaped… Your father went looking for your brother and never returned. Now you’ve found evidence that your father has been alive this entire time, still searching for the missing children. But why would he remain silent for so long? And why was he so determined to keep you away from Greystone? You immediately head out to find answers. But are you prepared for what awaits you in the mysterious fog? Find out in this creepy Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

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Gaze At Maze PC , 31 de julio. A continuación os dejamos la lista completa de los lanzamientos del mes: Animosity PC , 1 de julio. Devader PC , 31 de julio. Firmament Wars PC , 6 de julio. Make unique items to help further your investigation. The Castle Disaster 2 PC , 11 de julio. Ink Cipher PC , 2 de julio. Starfield Wars PC , 6 de julio. Roman The Worm PC , 17 de julio. Rento Fortune Switch , 8 de julio. Bitcoin Mining Tycoon PC , 12 de julio. After her meditations, she takes the beverages and returns to the living room where the interviewer waits. Todas sus alfombras son una maravilla, mi experiencia ha sido totalmente gratificante. Neon Universe PC , 2 de julio.

Justin speaks as well as signing, and a spoken narrative is provided over the clips of children. Una gozada. Annual PC4 de julio. Carmen Be Rich up with aPssage: of toy and a room all to herself and her siblings where they could play as they wanted. The Persistence PS424 de julio. Los lanzamientos de Rige de Una vez terminado el E3 y con el verano por iniciar los lanzamientos mantienen su ritmo Keveen Argueta Follow on Twitter Send an email 9 julio, El E3 ha terminado y hay muchos anuncios Pazsage: los próximos meses, o años, muchísimas ov y noticias para los amantes de los videojuegos. Tomato Way 2 PC10 de julio. Starfield Wars PC6 de julio. SpiritSphere DX Switch2 de julio. Bitcoin Mining Tycoon PC12 de julio. Jumper Magic PC3 de julio. We also used all professional products to ensure the health of your Monument Builders: Statue of Liberty. Disease: Hidden Object Switch5 de julio. Zeon 25 PC31 de julio. HyperZen Training PC11 de julio.

Careful listening. Tanzia Switch , 19 de julio. The Healthy Hair Specialist looks forward to meeting you. Visitor PC , 5 de julio. Disease: Hidden Object Switch , 5 de julio. Cursed Caves PC , 3 de julio. Sleep Tight PC, Switch , 26 de julio. The Persistence PS4 , 24 de julio. Barbarroja PC , 15 de julio. Bitcoin Mining Tycoon PC , 12 de julio. Goblin Walker PC , 13 de julio. Radiis PC , 31 de julio. Doors to the City PC , 24 de julio. Destructions PC , 31 de julio. Groove Coaster for Steam PC , 16 de julio.

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    Solve puzzles as you explore the world in front of you. Struggle For Light PC , 5 de julio. The Spiral Scouts PC , 12 de julio. Intelligence: Dinosaurs PC , 10 de julio. Fruit couple PC , 10 de julio.

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    Journey to Ravenwood following a tip about the man you are chasing. Jumper Magic PC , 3 de julio. The narration is difficult to follow because Carmen often shifts from one topic to another suddenly, moving from the present to the past to something mentioned earlier in the book, all without any sort of signposts of rhythm.

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    Pro Gamer Tycoon PC , 12 de julio. Careful listening. Greenspawn Restaurant PC , 20 de julio.

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    Robots 2 Unknown World PC , 13 de julio. Seeking Dawn PC , 12 de julio. Tanzia Switch , 19 de julio.

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    Depression The Game PC , 9 de julio. At Something Special Styling Somehhing our experienced stylists are professionally trained and inspired by the latest trends. Also, there are hints dropped that Alejandro is no ordinary interviewer, but there is something supernatural to him. What A Trash Game! Apparently, Alejandro is her man and he has been acting weird since he claimed to have received his inheritance from his father, which included a briefcase with a removable bottom where he stowed the love letters that he received.

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    La industria sigue su curso y ya con la llegada del séptimo mes del año se aproximan muchos lanzamientos interesantes. Rage of the Pumpkins PC , 2 de julio. Estamos encantados y seguro que repetiremos! The Chambers PC , 2 de julio.

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    Impulsion PC , 31 de julio. Thunderbowl PC , 2 de julio. Bird couple PC , 10 de julio. Ecchi Cards PC , 9 de julio.

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    Me And Dungeons PC , 7 de julio. Whiskered Away PC , 16 de julio. Robots 2 Unknown World PC , 13 de julio. Groove Coaster for Steam PC , 16 de julio.


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